Heroes 4

Here you can download scenarios, that I have created for Heroes 4, the only installment of this franchise that I have really grown fond of. They are all in English, well the two of them. Academical Disagreement is a quick, small map, while Prison Break is much more extensive and elaborated.

Move the downloaded file to the directory "maps" in the installation folder of the game, in the game choose New Game and find the scenario by its name.

  • Prison Break (August 2017, last updated in March 2021)
    This land used to be in a perfect status quo for centuries – skirmishes on the borders, fickle alliances... Until one day, when all of sudden, the crusaders arrived from beyond the seas! Zealous, fanatical hordes of holy warriors, led by Inquisitor Justian, bent on purging the world of all darkness and heresy, assumed command of the Lowland Kingdom, subjugated the Elven Forest and the Mage Guild, and launched campaign against the Dark Lands and the Great Swamp (and Barbaric Tribes, who fight everyone and everything). They have murdered your master, thrown you into a prison and now they celebrate their victory.
    But the war isn't over yet. Can you break free, get your revenge and restore the balance of power?
    This map is specifically tailored for the most broken game mechanic – vampires & necromancy skill. This combo, which usually ruins the game, is here actually your only chance against superior foes that outnumber you by far. You're a vampire, not a battering ram, so you'd better avoid fortified positions – instead, leave dead weight in towns and use your extreme mobility to swoop down on enemies in the field. Feed from their flesh! Grow stronger with every small victory, until you can confidently tear down cities!
    Contains: simple "storyline" not related to the HoMM lore, a corny world full of clichés, and most importantly, a very difficult challenge (I think).
    Note: Use stationary guards & intermediate game, or you'll break balancing (the very first fight will prove impossible). Playing on novice might make it easier though...
  • Academical Disagreement (March 2014)
    There were once two very wise erudites who together discovered an unpopulated mountain valley. Each of them being master of one field of science, they decided to pass on their knowledge – they founded an university with two faculties, the Faculty of Wizardry and Faculty of Engineering. The university was supposed to unite the research to create a repository of all human wisdom to serve the mankind. Alas, after the death of founders, the next faculty deans started to dispute the university resources and eventualy split into two universities, both possessing half of the area and assets. Both of them knew with absolute certainty that the other university squanders its resources doing fruitless research in an inferior science field, so they should be expeled, so that the resources can be actually used for something that matters. Thus the Academical Disagreement evolved into a full scale war...