Heroes 4

Here you can download scenarios, that I have created for Heroes 4, the only installment of this franchise that I have really grown fond of. They are all in English.

Move the downloaded file to the directory "maps" in the installation folder of the game, in the game choose New Game and find the scenario by its name.

  • Prison Break (August 2017, updated in May 2019)
    Important note: don't change the default difficulty lest you break carefully balanced sections of the map.
    This land used to be in peace for centuries, divided into six nations of equal strength. Perfect status quo has been mantained until one day, when all of sudden, a fleet of crusaders has arrived from beyond the seas! Zealous hordes of holy warriors, lead by fanatical Inquisitor Justian overran the land. Bent on purging the world of all darkness and heresy, he assumed command of Lowland Kingdom, subjugated Elven Forest and Mage Guild, and launched a campaign against the ones deemed evil - Barbaric Tribes, Dark Lands and Great Swamp. They murdered your master, thrown you into a prison and started to celebrate their victory.
    But the war isn't over yet. Can you break free, get your revenge and restore the balance of power?
  • Academical Disagreement (March 2014)
    There were once two very wise erudites who together discovered an unpopulated mountain valley. Each of them being master of one field of science, they decided to pass on their knowledge - they founded an university with two faculties, the Faculty of Wizardry and Faculty of Engineering. The university was supposed to unite the research to create an ultimate wisdom to serve the mankind. Instead, after the death of founders they started to dispute the university resources and eventualy split into two universities, both possessing half of the area and assets. But everybody knew that the other University squanders its resources doing fruitless researches in an inferior science field and should be expeled, so the resources can be used to actualy study something important. Thus the Academical Disagreement evolved into a full scale war...