It has always been a big hobby of mine to create javascript browser games. I have finished (or at least left as a functional demo) more than twenty games, although most of them were made in years 2008 - 2011 and their quality is inferior due to my poor skills back then. Therefore I have published only those at least slightly interesting.
Also this list is limited only to those that are in English language, so see the Czech page for more. Sorted from latest to oldest:

  • PWN 2 (July 2016 - ???)
    The year 2016 has given us a new inspiration for this ancient project. PWN 2 will be published soon, changed beyond all recognition!
  • PWN 1 (September 2011 - October 2013) fullscreen strongly recommended
    An ambitious project in cooperation with Martin Mach, in which you take the role of Chosen Hero and save the Kingdom. The first Massive Singleplayer Offline Role Pwning Game! The best RPG in the world!
    But don't be fooled, this is not the first version. The zeroth version (in Czech) has been published in 2011 and eventually underwent a radical transformation into PWN 1, but the development stalled. PWN 1 will be forever left as a functional demoversion with almost no game content.