Age of Empires 2

When I was a six-year old in the year 2002, Age of Empires II was (after a few MS-DOS games) the first Windows game I encountered. AoE2 will therefore always have a place in my heart and I keep coming back to it time from time.
Besides the game itself I was amazed by the scenario editor, where I have spent a lot of time and created dozens of maps. Most of the time nobody played them except me, but that has never discouraged me. Eventually I became quite good at it and now I offer you the few scenarios, that I consider to be well done. I will be glad if someone likes them :-)
They are sorted by version of the game, because they are not always compatible. Unpack the downloaded file and follow the instructions in _README.txt, where you can also read a more detailed description!

Original Conquerors

The original version of game with the Conquerors datadisc. I played patch 1.0b, but it most likely doesn't matter.

  • Gothic 2: Alternate History (August 2015)
    My favorite RPG game Gothic 2 remade as an AoE2 scenario, although with an alternative story, which is a bit simplified (but still a spoiler). The key difference in storyline, upon which it is build, also explains why you control armies instead of one hero.
  • Masurian Lakes (September 2013)
    A long time ago I got the idea to create scenarios from 20th century in AoE2. Although it sound weird (since there is a lot of other strategies set in 20th century), I really enjoyed it and this is the first scenario that I consider technically advanced enough to be published. Nothing but a little bit of imagination is needed to control infantrymen with rifles, machine guns and cannons, all that in a battle set in east Prussia in the beginning of WW1.
  • Russia 1941 (August 2015)
    This scenario is similar to Masurian Lakes, but it's more technically advanced. Here you play Wehrmacht during the initial phase of eastern front, trying to conquer a heavily defended town somewhere in middle Russia.

Userpatch v1.4

Userpatch is a modification made by the community to enhance the original game in many ways. Most important feature for me are new scripting possibilities in scenario editor, which allowed me to get even crazier in my scenarios :-)
You can play all scenarios from original game in this version!

  • Forts (August 2016)
    The first and only multiplayer map! Userpatch allowed me to change more unit attributes and so I created another scenario inspired by WW 1, the best so far. Location is entirely anonymous, as are the opposing armies - the whole map is symmetrical, divided among two players. Unlike the previous maps it is more focused on siege of fortified positions, but you can enjoy open field battles too.
    The multiplayer scenario cannot be played against AI, it is simply not made for AI, so I also added a modified version, which is more optimised for AI, so you can enjoy bitter resistance even without a friend.
  • Space Invaders (January 2017)
    Are you familiar with the sci-fi universe Warhammer 40k? If you are, then don't hesitate and try this crossover of middle age and Warhammer, where you lead knights to defend your dominion (and thus the whole humanity) against an Ork invasion.

AoE2: HD

Scenarios from original game more or less work, but it's not guaranteed - there are occasional bugs...
  • Forts HD (July 2017, latest update June 2018)
    I have remade Forts for Userpatch v1.4 (see above), and not just as a AoE2:HD scenario, but even as a modification! That has allowed me to change even more unit attributes - machine guns finally operate like machine guns, artillery fire results in spectacular explosions and units are more balanced.
    Installation of this mod is very easy - see _README.PDF file in the archive. You can easily switch original AoE2 and modification at any time.
  • Gothic 2: HD (September 2018)
    The scenario Gothic 2: Alternate History (see above) has also been remade as a HD scenario. And again it is a modification, so the dragons now breath fire, mages cast offensive spells and the world is populated with scavengers, goblins and other critters. Moreover, the gameplay is more balanced and the map has received a subtle, but extensive facelift.